Why a Makeup Guide for Dancers?

Problem #1: Leaders' dry cleaning bills.

It started when I saw something like this at a milonga:

Oh sure, he'll say he doesn't mind. But honestly, those cleaning bills have to add up.

As a former makeup artist, I cringe every time I see makeup somewhere it shouldn't be. At milongas I saw foundation, powder, lipstick on collars, lapels, even sleeves, of leaders' shirts and jackets.

Really, now . . .
It doesn't have to be this way.
We have the technology . . .

Transfer-resistant makeup is a reality, and with proper application techniques you can dance as close as you want to and not have your makeup traveling to his clothes.

(Tip for if you do end end up with lipstick on your clothes - InStyle's Guide to Removing the Stain:

Problem #2: Dancing in the Summer, in Texas. 

Even if you're "just" dancing, in a summer milonga you can feel like you've been running a marathon. If only for my own reference, I want to keep track of the products that real stand up to Texas heat and humidity.

Sure, it's cute when it's a kid that's soaking wet. Not so cute when it's me at a milonga.

Problem #3: Finding beauty products that multitask.  

In the same night, I've helped teach a class, performed and then danced socially - all in the same makeup. I was photographed, video recorded, and observed millimeters away from my partner as we danced. What kind of makeup is appropropriate for all kinds of photography and video, will look good from far away and close up, and stand up to social dancing? Well hang on kids, that's what I'm here to tell you!

And all the time I'm thinking, please no flash, please no flash - I'm wearing a high SPF sunscreen!

So in this blog dancers will find answers to pesky problems like makeup that rubs off, or melts off, or sweaty bangs, or deodorant that just isn't cutting it, or what on earth to pack for dance festivals that won't get you in trouble with the TSA.

Why yes, I did wake up this way . . . Sort of. Well, almost. Very nearly this way . . .

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