Friday, August 26, 2016

Catching Up!

Good afternoon readers -  Happy Friday!

The long sabbatical from blogging was unplanned, but hopefully fruitful as I have lots of new stuff to share!

As I got back down to business looking at the new technology reaching all levels of the cosmetic industry, I realized that there were some segments I needed to re-learn. The formulas (and the potential of the products) had just changed too much. So I set about relearning the business - especially the pro/editorial/special effects side of things. Keeping up with the consumer side of the beauty business was easy, but when dealing with performing arts like dance - we have to keep an eye on the pro/theatrical lines as well. Some of that need is just practicality - products from pro lines are far more pigmented (but can have a steeper learning curve in application). But for me, a lot of it comes down to economics. My dollar goes a lot further with pro lines like Mehron, Ben Nye, RCMA etc., than with anything I can buy at Sephora. (That said, Urban Decay has an absurd amount of my money. Damn you Vice Lipsticks!)

What's the best way to see what's happening and what's new in beauty? Social media of course!

Thus began my adventures on Instagram. :D

If you haven't followed me already, please visit my account and leave some feedback - I'd love to hear from you! My account can be found here:

I was an early user of Instagram, getting my account before Facebook owned it, but neglected (forgot) to use it. Once I re-activated my account, I started reaching out to makeup artists all over the world to see what they liked and what they were excited about. I also started entering Instagram makeup challenges to not only sharpen and update my skills, but also to snoop out any gaps in my makeup kit. There's nothing more frustrating than getting halfway through your makeup application and asking yourself, why the hell don't I have yellow eye shadow???  (Answer? Because as street wear, yellow eyeshadow looks terrible on a large portion of people. Including me. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.)

Below are some of the results of makeup applications I did for makeup challenges, reader requests and in one case, one reader's daughter's request. :D  It's been huge fun and I'm so grateful to the makeup artists who reached out to me with recommendations and suggestions.

Assorted characters from paintings, myths and even video games.

Animals  raawwwr!
LunaPic project - first set. A series recreating's digital filters with makeup.

LunaPic project series 2.

Yes, those are all me (and there are so many more!) And with the exception of digital contact lenses (because I hate wearing real contact lenses), that is all makeup.

Now it's time to get to work on the recommendations that speak more directly to dancers, both social and professional. I'll be getting those tutorials and reviews up shortly, as well as news on consumer and pro beauty launches. So watch this space my beauties - more is coming soon!

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