Review: smashbox INSTA-MATTE

smashbox INSTA-MATTE  -- Redeemer of meh GWP lipsticks!

I wanted to hate this. It seemed so frivolous. But now I can't stop trying it out with every single lipstick in my kit that I had given up on. Below, see pictures of two prime examples - GWP Estee Lauder lip colors that have been in the bottom of my makeup bag. Rubelite (a frosted medium pink) and Pinkberry Creme (nude cream). Both of the colors came in the last GWP, and they were just "okay". I didn't throw them away because I thought I could use them in my kit.

What better place to start the experimenting?

These two lipsticks, with the addition of smashbox INSTA-MATTE, are now colors I actually want to wear!

The Rubelite shimmer, because it is a frost, retains some of its shimmer and goes a bit lighter than the other lip colors I tried with INSTA-MATTE. All of my lip colors transformed a tiny bit lighter, but anything with a frost was much more noticeable. Even so, I like the color.

But the color transformation isn't even the best part - keep reading for more details.

The frost in this lipstick makes the INSTA-MATTE transform a fair amount lighter than the others. Still - I find myself reaching for the color when I want a "pick-me-up".

With the creme lipstick, the transformation isn't that much lighter - but I adore the color. It's feels and looks like a velvet nude. After INSTA-MATTE, I have the perfect "my lips but better" nude.

Another lipstick I had given up on was Makeup Revolution's "Looking Ahead" - not because I didn't like the color, but because it arrived from the UK broken. I liked the color, but didn't like it enough to fish it out and use a lip brush. Now I like the color enough to smash it in to a palette and wear it more often.

But the best use I have found for smashbox INSTA-MATTE is actuall with stains! The biggest problem I have with stains, other than that they feel so dry, is that they look a bit flat on the lip. Pigment grabs onto dry patches of the lip, makeing the color uneven - especially over time.

When I add the layer of INSTA-MATTE, my lips feel better longer and look more even, more full, more . . . plush. That really describes the feeling on my lips. Again, the color goes a little bit lighter, but well worth it to get the effect.

As I said, I wanted to dismiss this product - but it has redeemed several lip colors in my kit that I thought I'd never enjoy using. If you have a pile of lipsticks you don't want to throw away, but find yourself passing over - give smashbox INSTA-MATTE a try and see if you can find some hidden gems.

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