Monday, March 28, 2016

Blending Sponges on the Cheap

Vixen can't believe what a great deal these makeup sponges were either! Btw, it isn't best sanitary practice to photograph your makeup sponges with your dog. These sponges were washed thoroughly after this photo was taken. (After explaining to Vixen that they were not, in fact, toys for her.)  :)

While I love Beauty Blenders, the price for one little hot pink sponge ($20) is ridiculous. Yes, they're as cute as an Easter Peep, and they work very well, but really - $20 for one sponge?

As usual (in my life anyway), to the rescue. I scored this little set for $22.98 (on Prime so I got in 2 days with free shipping!)

Party Queen Latex Free Makeup Sponge Blender Set 7 Pieces - with 1 Mini Sponge.

While I think the shape choice for the brown color is a tad unfortunate, I am very pleased with the quality and the shapes of the sponges. They do every bit as great a job as the Beauty Blender sponges I have. It's just that frankly, I think Beauty Blender's made enough off of me by now.

The beige sponge at the top is a Beauty Blender Sponge, the white one is from Sephora's line, the pink and multicolored sponge are both from TJ Maxx.

If you have TJ Maxx or Marshalls stores near you, check out their beauty section for more Beauty Blender alternatives. I've had great luck there with sponges ranging from about $3 to $8 a piece. Some are more firm than Beauty Blender, some are about the same, and some are softer - so it's a matter of a little trial and error. You won't be out much dough, so it might worth picking up a couple of different brands/shapes.

Happy hunting!

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